Welcome To FM

FringeMusic-Final-2 copy DV8 FROM THE MUSICAL NORM

Our Motto:

Give us your fired-up, your gritty, your edgy, your starved masses of unique, heartfelt, passionate and honest music yearning to be heard (with all apologies to Emma Lazarus).

That is why Maestro is the Conductor of the choirs of twisted Angels, of the demented orchestras of life, of the symphonies of the unusual. Out there, way out there, on the edge, on the fringe, for it is only once one is in touch with one’s darkness that one can understand the light of salvation.

Our Mission: The fundamental notion is that we want to share what we call ”FRINGE” music, that is, music that is different or has a peculiar bent to it, both musically and lyrically, and we want our members to be able to discover and discuss new music through this medium and to share their musical inclination with us and other members, the ultimate goal being to create a groundswell of interest for captivating, unusual, non-formulaic music, to foster discussions in earnest about why music affects us and heals us. Our ambition is to become a reference, the standard for good music, analysis and discussions.

Maestro wants to abolish barriers between continents, cultures, languages and between generations so that we can all be citizens of the world and speakers of the same universal language: music. What’s beautiful is beautiful, no matter where it comes from and what language it’s actually sung in. At least Maestro thinks so (to read my inaugural blog on breaking these barriers, please click here).

The Concept: Imagine, if you will, that FringeMusic is like a music lab or a recording or radio studio and we are all here to experience something different and explore together. With this idea in mind, we have structured a site that is basically divided into Frequencies (music styles that we consider different, i.e. ‘FRINGE”, and the artists that we will be following under each) and Channels (features with a specific focus on various aspects of music and how we appreciate it).

So, if you’re trying to connect or reconnect with your inner Goth? Searching for that Alternative you? Wanna live those bygone glory days of rock again? Wanna feel music and lyrics vibrate through you once more? Wanna raise your devil’s horns in unison with a sea of other headbangers? Have we got a place for you!

To find out more about the Maestro, please click here.

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