SoundChex Fanalyzer: Music Finds & Ratings By Fans

So Whatz UR Frequency? Whatz on UR Dial? Whatz on UR iPod? What R U peeps are listening 2? And what do you think of what other FringeMusicManiax are streaming through their ears and minds?

This is a place to experiment with, and testdrive, music suggested by fans. It is intended as a launchpad page to enhance one’s musical education.

Maestro invites you to share what you’re listening to and watching so that we can all benefit from the great music everyone else is enjoying. This is an integral part of the giant experimental MusicLab we want to create. We are convinced that, in today’s world, where there are so many artists, many of whom are indie or out of the record label and radio or TV mainstream, and so many different musical genres, the best filter of good music is the user and listener. If we can get members to share their ‘finds’, we will all grow and expand our horizons. We firmly believe that sites like ours are the new word of mouth, the path to uncovering the hidden treasures of the vast, vast universe of music. So, take up the Maestro’s musical challenges and submit some of your faves by replying to this post.

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