Under The Covers

under-construction-logoThis page is currently under construction. Please bear with us while it is being populated and return to visit soon.

The Under The Covers Frequency & Channel is dedicated to the art form of covering work previously recorded by another artist. This style of music can take the form of covering one or several songs by another artist, either by remaining true to the original or by modernizing it or taking it on a completely different tangent or delving into a new musical style. An entire industry has even been created for the nostalgics that want to relive the ‘glory days’, with tribute bands sprouting up everywhere and offering the full musical re-creation of performances (sometimes down to the costumes, the mannerisms on stage, the physical resemblance) by bands that no longer perform or have disbanded or been beset by death or illness and that new generations of fans wished they could have experienced in their heyday.

While this page is being designed, you are welcome to participate in one of our musical experiments by voting which, of the original artist or the cover artist, has done the best job interpreting a staple of music history in our StageFight FaceoffBooth section in the Great Big MusicLab: Musical Experimentation segment.

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