under-construction-logoThis page is currently under construction. Please bear with us while it is being populated and return to visit soon.

The FrancoZone Frequency & Channel is dedicated to traditional and modern music sung in French (mainly from France and Quebec, but also from other countries in the Francophonie from all around the world, excluding the French West Indies – this music is explored under the Island Flowers Music segment) with discussion in both French and English of artists (with encouragement to post in English if possible so others can share in the richness of French music even if they don’t understand all the lyrics.) Maestro also plans to ‘translate’ lyrics of great songs so non-Francophones can share in the discussion.

While this Frequency & Channel is being developed, please check out our French Language Videos section and our Bi/Multilingual Videos section (which, among others, features songs partially in French and in another language) contained in our e-CLIP-se Video Playlists.

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