Finnish Metal/Hard Rock

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In this category, allow the Maestro to introduce you first to the very original sound of Finland’s top-selling Goth Metal Opera gods, Nightwish. What started out as a musical project to explore the extremes and find common ground between heavy metal and opera turned into a very successful act in Europe and elsewhere. Under the masterful and incredible soprano voice of Tarja Turunen, who now records solo, this band achieved unequalled heights, attracting aficionados from two very different musical worlds and critical acclaim for very bombastic and powerful symphonic tracks. If you will allow me the comparison, this is Alan Parsons Project meets Asia meets Enya meets Evanescence meets Metallica, with a little twist of Rammstein and Doro Pesch/Warlock thrown in for good measure. The keyboards create the atmosphere of pop metal but the guitars and drums (and the occasional backup growling vocals by the men in the band) ground the sound in its metal base. Traditional metal progressions gunning for climax combined with orchestral operatic crescendos, telling modern-day gothic fairy tales in a traditionally radio-unfriendly format, some tracks lasting from 5 to 13 minutes, now that’s a concept! And, as with certain traditional arias, it is not uncommon to see fans of Nightwish overcome with emotion and openly weeping at concerts. For instance, check out this video of the band performing Phantom Of The Opera live:

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