Metal Mainline / House Of Hard Knocks

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This Metal Mainline / House Of Hard Knocks Frequency & Channel dedicated to heavy music was created because we, at FringeMusic, don’t just appreciate this style of music, we mainline it.

If you want to listen to the Maestro’s Metal Mainline playlist while you browse this section or the FM site, please click below to be connected to Grooveshark:

Between Rock And A Hard Place

Because the classification of music as being Metal is, to say the least, controversial and everyone has an opinion on what qualifies as being ‘metal’ or ‘hard’ enough…

Let’s get some perspective:

Where do you fit on the Spectrum? Click on the link below to see how the Maestro views and processes metal music on a spectrum of styles:


And…let’s start with a poll:

Now that we’re all clear on the genre, right?So, let’s get you all riled up again and ask: who’s the top Metal Vocalist and Frontman? NME Magazine, in its May 18, 2011 edition, had a few suggestions in this blog:

In January 2014, Loudwire posted its own list, this time of 10 metal singers who can sing you to sleep or scare you to death, but essentially asking the same question: who do you think has the best vocal range as a male metal singer?

The Loudwire article can be found here:

Tell us in our poll if you agree with NME Magazine or Loudwire or with a few added suggestions by the Maestro or make your own suggestions and vote.

Now that we’ve got the whole matter with the men settled, how ’bout deciding who the best frontwoman in heavy music is? Take our poll below and let us know which female lead vocalist for a hard rock / heavy metal band gets your vote:

And, now, let’s go a trip ’round the world, shall we?

Welcome to Planetary Peregrinations: The Best Hard Rock/Metal The World Over You May Or May Never Have Heard Of

African Metal/Hard Rock

Asian Metal/Hard Rock

Australian Metal/Hard Rock

Canadian Metal/Hard Rock

European Metal/Hard Rock (Continental)

Germanic Metal/Hard Rock

Scandinavian Metal/Hard Rock

South and Central American Metal/Hard Rock

UK Metal/Hard Rock

US Metal/Hard Rock

While this Frequency & Channel is being developed fully, please check out our e-CLIP-se Video Playlists section which is chock-full of metal and hard rock favourites.

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