Rad & Bad: Up-And-Comers

Any artist, any style that fans want to discuss and suggest (well except Justin Bieber and Co.) Only FRINGE styles that DV8 from the musical norm. Rad&Bad focuses on known or better-known acts whereas Up&Comers would be basically indie that is lesser-known or unknown. If a trend develops while exploring the music scene specific to a city or area (e.g. the L.A., NY, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, London UK, Paris, Berlin music scene), a new section will be created called Underground. See, for instance, the Underground sections under Canadian Music 101.

So tell us about artists that are really burning it up or new cool acts you’ve seen or heard about. And be sure to check out our TestTube section under the Great Big MusicLab: Musical Experimentation tab to find out about recent music finds by the Maestro that have released new music to the masses. They may end up here in this section at some point.

Innerspace (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)(progressive rock)

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